(2008)  Before they were Ghosts, the Nate Wilson Group turned out this full-length psychedelic rock opus back in September of 2008. A dense, hard sound contrasted with Wilson's delicately edged voice has this album riding an animated surge full of big guitars, big motifs, and bold arrangements.

“Unbound crackles with Led Zep-like ferocity. With a seemingly endless supply of thunderous riffs at his disposal, Wilson and his crack band rekindle the glory days of '70s heavy psychedelia on tunes such as the menacing 'Scatterbrain' and the gloriously sludgy 'Hear the Echoes.'” –Christopher Blagg Boston Herald

  01. Hear the Echoes 06:12
02. See It Through 04:54
  03. Scatterbrain 03:30
  04. The Long Ships 08:11
05. For the Sun 04:35
  06. Justify 06:09
  07. Sticks and Stones 05:38
  08. Patterns 05:21
09. Unbound 06:59


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