Ghosts of Jupiter



(2011)  This self-titled debut from Ghosts of Jupiter delivers a fresh spin on hard-swinging psychedelic rock while invariably taking the listener back to an era when music truly mattered. And though the fuzz and fire of the double guitar attack really fuels the vessel, it's Wilson's melodic songcraft and gifted traversal of light and dark imagery that makes this voyage accessible to a mass audience.

“The band's sound feeds on vintage fuzz, but the attack draws modern oil — proving the point that a lot has happened since Led Zeppelin.” –Jeff Wallace My Secret Boston

01. Thieves 03:27
  02. Shelter 05:53
03. Paper Roses 03:35
  04. Play It Blind 05:20
05. Trample on Daisies 05:18
06. Yellow Woman 03:50
  07. Wandering High 03:08
  08. Colors of the Queen 04:19
09. Ghosts of Jupiter 03:13
  10. Passengers 05:59

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