The Great Bright Horses



(2016)  The Great Bright Horses, the second independent full-length release, draws upon the experimental flute-prog of Traffic and King Crimson, the exploratory elements of Meddle-era Pink Floyd, and the modern psychedelia of Tame Impala, Midlake, and Dungen.

“...recalls the halcyon days of double gatefold vinyl and perfectly weathered denim and suede.” –Dirty Impound

01. The Great Bright Horses 06:45
02. Boundless Time I 04:12
  03. Lyra 05:18
  04. Toward the Silent Sun 05:18
  05. The Golden Age 05:09
  06. Equuleus 02:34
  07. Towers 03:38
  08. Boundless Time II 06:32
  09. The Eastern Glow 08:53


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